When we work together, we will be looking at what you want to achieve – your solutions, and the future you want. I will ask you to think about and express what would be better if the problem had improved, and you will be able to set goals for yourself which will help you move towards that future.

We won’t be focusing on the problem which prompted you in the first place. Neither will we be examining details of your past, or thinking about the reasons for the problem.

By focusing on the solutions, and the future, we will be able to make real and noticeable progress in a short space of time.

Half of each session will be used in talking about these goals and solutions. You will quickly notice that we focus on positives, and what has gone well and the achievements you have made since our last meeting. This positive approach is key to the work we do, and by focusing on the future which you are aiming for, the problem soon loses importance.

We will also spend time talking about how the brain works and how we can create unhelpful patterns of behaviour – many people find that just understanding this can make them more aware of these patterns, and that can be a powerful first step towards bringing about change.

brandenburg-50492_1280The other half of each session will be ‘on the couch’, where you will experience hypnosis. This is a trance state which will help you reduce anxiety through deep relaxation; it is not sleep, and you will be aware of my voice and the other sounds in the room around you. While in this trance state, it is possible to use visualisation of the achievement of your goals and positive suggestions which will help you make changes to existing and unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

This deep relaxation is both pleasant and energising, and is a powerful tool in helping us deal with all sorts of physical and stress related problems, as well as achieving our goals in life.

All the way through the work we do together, the emphasis will be on your strengths and resources, and building on them to achieve what you want; both parts of the session will use tools and information which will quickly become familiar.

At our first session together, I will give you a  CD which I will ask you to play regularly, to help you experience that same deep relaxation every night between our sessions.

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