Towels and candles

Solution focused hypnotherapy achieves results quickly, and generally a course of around 10-12 sessions is suitable. Each session lasts for approximately one hour.

Stopping smoking requires only one session, lasting approximately two hours.

Dealing with phobias requires four sessions of one hour.

Hypnobirthing requires 4-6 sessions.

If you would like hypnotherapy to help with specific events (for example driving tests, wedding nerves or forthcoming performances) we’ll discuss an appropriate timescale which is right for you.

  • First (introductory) session (to include a CD or MP3 recording): £20
  • Hypnotherapy per session (including EMDR): £40
  • Giving up smoking: £80 (for the two hour session


Reflexology sessions last approximately one hour also. The first session will take a little longer, as I collect some background details before we start.

A combined therapy session will last for approximately 1.5 hours.

  • Reflexology (per session): £30
  • Six sessions booked in advance: £150

Combined therapies

  • Combined therapies (Hypnotherapy, reflexology, Reiki): £50
  • Six sessions booked in advance: £250

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