ReflexológiaReflexology works on the idea that all parts of the human body are mapped onto the feet. By massaging and applying gentle pressure to the feet we can help the body to activate its own ability to heal.

When I work on your feet, I will use a range of different techniques over all parts of your feet, up to your ankles. I will adapt a pressure which is right for you, as you may like a very firm, strong pressure, or a lighter touch.

If you are worried about being ticklish – don’t be! The touch is positive and firm, and even if you are very ticklish, it’s likely that you will be comfortable with reflexology from the start.

For a reflexology session, you don’t need to remove any clothing, other than your shoes and socks. I will use a light reflexology wax, to make the techniques and movements easier and more comfortable for you. Many people fall asleep during the treatment, or become very deeply relaxed. Others are quite happy to talk throughout the treatment, which is also fine. One of the great things about reflexology is that it can be adapted for you, as an individual.

There are very few medical problems which mean that you will not be able to enjoy a reflexology session, but I will always start the sessions with an initial consultation to make sure it will be fully beneficial for you.

Reflexology also works on the hands – some treatment-1327811_1920people do prefer a hand reflexology treatment, if they have foot problems, for instance. Hand reflexology can be a very calming and soothing treatment, and many people find it to be very reassuring and relaxing.

When combined with hypnotherapy techniques, reflexology can deliver a very relaxing and therapeutic experience for you.

I am also a Reiki Master, and will be pleased to offer a combination of hypnotherapy, reflexology and Reiki.

How much will it cost?