Hypnotherapy can help with many difficulties which we experience in life.

It is particularly helpful to people who are coping with:

Stress and anxiety

Sleep problems

Panic attacks

Control of pain

Weight management

Lack of confidence

Irritable bowel syndrome

It is also very helpful when we are trying to change patterns of behaviour:


Giving up smoking

Dealing with phobias and irrational fears

Dealing with performance anxieties

(exam and driving test nerves and competitive sports)

Hypnotherapy is also very effective at different life events:

Mother holding baby

Coping with wedding nerves

Pregnancy and childbirth

Coping with change at work

Dealing with bereavement and loss


In fact, as we use a solution focused approach, hypnotherapy can be used to help us deal with a huge range of challenges and problems.

As hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation, it can also be used to support people who are undergoing a course of medical treatment; in this case, we would always work very closely with your medical practitioner to ensure that he or she understood what was involved in your course of hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapy would always work alongside your medical treatment.

How  much does it cost?